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and leverage their digital potential to the fullest.

Digital Transformation: How well is your organization prepared for the change ahead?

The internet is disrupting each and every organization and business model, creating vast opportunities for re-inventing the experience of products and services in every industry.

40 percent of today’s Fortune 500 companies will no longer exist in 10 years.

Digital Experts are 26 percent more profitable than their industry peers.

How well is your organization prepared for the impact of digital and which main drivers for improvement can be identified?

Our Digital Maturity Assessment provides the answer.

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Our Approach

Strategy and execution are inextricably linked. We therefore combine our scientific expertise and our hands-on entrepreneurial approach to create true digital innovation beyond concepts and ideas.


Digital Transformation is enabled by technology - but it needs to be driven by strategy. We help you to identify the main drivers and to prioritize them.



With our proven framework for digital innovation, we implement your solution systematically.


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Trends 2016: AI-Revolution

Trends 2016: The AI-Revolution

2015 was characterized by unparalleled dynamics in the area of artificial intelligence (AI). Tech giants such as Google, Facebook, IBM, Microsoft and Amazon not only proclaimed artificial intelligence as the strategic priority that will determine the future of their organizations, but have successively announced the achievement of new milestones. What has made these milestones exceptional is […]

Trends 2016: The API-Economy

Tomorrow’s innovators aren’t busy reinventing the wheel: they are orchestrating existing services to perfection in order to create an exceptional user experience that allows them to disrupt large corporations with only minimal investment in resources. The secret to their success is the use of APIs. What APIs are, why they are the secret sauce in […]

Trends 2016: Messaging as Platform

Trends 2016: Messaging as Platform

Texting has become the most popular smartphone service – beating out internet surfing and making calls. Facebook, Slack, and several messaging operators are currently trying to establish messaging as a platform: developers can create messaging apps that can be addressed and operated directly via text messages. By combining these user habits with the potential of […]