We are joining Capco

12. March 2020 Alexander Braun (@almarrone)

We founded CREATIVE CONSTRUCTION in 2011 to help companies reinvent their business model and themselves in a digital world. Driven by the conviction that change induced by new technologies doesn’t have to follow the path of Schumpeterian creative destruction but can in fact be constructed creatively, we have developed a wide array of innovations with clients from all industries over the course of the last nine years. Starting with the user and improving the user’s life has always been at the center of all these endeavors.

Today we are proud to announce a new chapter:

We are joining Capco.

Capco’s market-leading technology expertise in the financial services sector has enabled banks and insurance companies globally to excel in a fast-paced and always changing environment since 1998. Combining our experience in the development of digital strategies, user-centered innovation, and the digital transformation of companies with Capco’s deep industry insights and know-how, we couldn’t be more excited to be pioneering an industry together, which is only in its early days of groundbreaking change – with huge potential.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients and fellow-innovators for their support and inspiration. Guided by our curiosity and fascination with the creative potential of technologies, we’ll continue this journey and are looking forward to be driving the urgently needed change together.

Please find the official press release here.


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