Webinar: Embedded Finance – The Potential of FinTech for Non-Banks

28. June 2021 Christoph Stachowetz

Financial services are increasingly becoming an integral part of products and services – not only at banks, but across all industries. The more focus is placed on the holistic fulfilment of customer needs, the more finance-based transactions disappear into the background. In the new normal of “digital first”, embedded finance has become easier to offer and every company has the opportunity to integrate payment solutions into their own platforms and services.

In order to meet expectations based on needs, creative solutions must be created and innovative technologies must be used to enable a successful customer journey. So how can financial services be implemented in a way that is as uncomplicated as possible and, in the best case, completely imperceptible?

Webinar: Building up banking

In our webinar, Agnieszka M. Walorska, Michael Pierce from the fintech-unicorn Mambu and Florian Redeker from the banking-as-a-service specialist Solarisbank talk about embedded finance, how seamless customer experiences can be made possible, how customers are currently experiencing them and what developments are currently taking place in this area and what will happen in the near future.

You can watch the whole talk including the Q&A session here:



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