Financial services are increasingly becoming an integral part of products and services – not only at banks, but across all industries. The more focus is placed on the holistic fulfilment of customer needs, the more finance-based transactions disappear into the background.

Financial firms must deal with deepfakes – realistic video and audio recordings that have been manipulated or produced with the help of artificial intelligence. The danger to banking is very real. Fake pictures, videos and audio recordings have been around for a long time, but the rapid development of so-called deepfakes is now creating a […]

We founded CREATIVE CONSTRUCTION in 2011 to help companies reinvent their business model and themselves in a digital world. Driven by the conviction that change induced by new technologies doesn’t have to follow the path of Schumpeterian creative destruction but can in fact be constructed creatively, we have developed a wide array of innovations with […]

We’ve all come across the subject “death” on the Internet at least once, I suppose. After the passing of a relative, we search online for information on what exactly to do in such a situation. It’s also not unusual, that in case of death of an acquaintance or a distant relative, we exchange condolences online. […]

Not too long ago, I was in charge of the User Experience Design for one of the most inefficient Re-launch-Projects imaginable. Since then I am dedicated to find an answer to this question: “What causes inefficiencies within User Experience Design processes and what can you actually do to prevent them?” Here, you will find my talk […]