24. June 2013 Alexander Braun (@almarrone)

Corporate Design and Logo Development

Corporate Design is indispensable for a consistent and professional presentation on the web. It defines the visual appearance of a brand and, thus, affects the direct associations and opinions towards a product. The logo is the centerpiece of the Corporate Design: As the brand’s face it should reflect the company philosophy and be memorable for the client or user. Therefore, a high recognition value is of great importance. If there is, however, already an existing Corporate Design, it often has to be converted into a form accordant to the web’s standard.

Website Design

Once we have the concept of the website, we develop the graphical form along with the Corporate Design and the decisions made upon the User Interface. For this, we value usability and accessibility of great importance and develop the entire design along user’s needs and expectations (User-Centered-Design).

Joy of Use

A good product is enjoyable to use – for that it requires a clean and aesthetic attractive as well as a thought-out design in terms of functionality and usability. Two key elements we are passionate about.

Creating means of financing

Appealing advertising material, which contains a clear message, is the key element for attracting potential clients. We design Display-Ads and banners in every format for every system.

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