24. June 2013 Agnieszka M. Walorska (@agaw)

Project planning and execution with Agile Methodology

By definition, complex products are difficult to plan. Especially agile methods, which rely on simple and customer-orientated processes, have proven successful over the years. For the realization of our projects, we focus on the iterative and incremental approach of the Scrum-Methodology. The transparency, adaptability and possibility for examination that are typical for Scrum enable working in a highly qualified and aim-oriented way. As Scrum-Employee Jim Complien once described the Agile Methodology: „Everybody will like Scrum; it is a way we already do when our back is against the wall.“

Web projects on the basis of Content Management Systems (CMS)

For easier maintenance and faster implementation it is advisable to use the so-called Content Management Systems (CMS) in most web projects. We are especially experienced with Open Source solutions, such as WordPress, TYPO 3, Contao, or Drupal; based on the application field we apply the most suitable system.

Programming of individual solutions

If the project requires an individual and customized solution, we will prefer the implementation in PHP (Zend, Symfony, Cake), or Ruby (Ruby on Rails).

Realization of mobile applications

Smartphones and Tables increase in importance on a daily basis. Therefore, it is vital to create an optimized access to the own services and products for small displays and touchscreen-based interactions. If, however, a web application or a native solution is more suitable, depends on the specific case. For HTML5 web applications we use JQuery Mobile and Sencha Touch, while we prefer native implementations without interposing platforms for native iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android, or Windows Phone.

Development of complex E-Commerce-Solutions e.g. with Magento

If you want to realize your web shop with our help, we would advise you to use Magento.

Servers / Cloud Management – Amazon Web Services (AWS)

If a high-scalable Hosting is required, Amazon Cloudfront or S3 provide a stable and fast solution on a low budget. We help you to inexpensively exploit the possibilities of Cloud Services.

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