Coca-Cola: Launch of B2B-ecommerce platform

Coca-Cola | 2015 |

While large retailers have long been directly interfacing with Coca-Cola’s fulfillment systems to manage their inventory and place orders, smaller customers like restaurants, corner stores and bars are still heavily reliant on non-digital means of ordering via fax or telephone. In order to extend its service offering beyond phone and fax and to drive the digital transformation, Coca-Cola turned to us to ensure the product-market-fit of the ecommerce-platform they were planning on launching.

We analyzed the customer data to segment the different types of customers and conducted interviews with them as well as Coca-Cola’s sales representatives. Starting from the customers’ needs and technical abilities and limitations, we planned the roll-out of the new platform, prioritized the different target markets and generated actionable findings on the feature-scope and the usability of the initial release candidate.

Customers can now order online from all devices, check the availability of the products as well as save order lists and follow the status of their order.