Snoopet: Concept and realization of website and mobile app (iPhone)

Snoopet | 2013 | Snoopet


Dogs are classical conversation-starters that can prove vastly helpful in flirting. On the other hand, dogs can cause problems meeting a new partner, e.g. if the partner is allergic to dogs. Snoopet, a kick-off by Bertelsmann’s incubator BeVation, targets to utilize these chances and to solve these problems. Snoopet not only makes romantic dates possible, but also enables making new friends for collective walks with the dog. We were entrusted to conceive and realize the website as well as the app.

Our work

From conception to design and programming, we developed this innovative app to its full extend for web and mobile (iOS). Answering simple initial questions the user playfully reveal their preferences and attitude in order to guarantee matching users as best as possible. The problem of self-display in common dating-apps without actually meeting a user will be solved by the possibility that every other user is able to define his own questions and multiple-choice answers. This way the users can find out these things about the others what is importing to them, thus, he can gauge the compatibility. Every user is, furthermore, able to register his dogs and set up a complex profile for every dog-friend. Other central aspects of the app are location-based services: a user can send a buzz while being on a walk which makes his location visible for other users he marked as compatible. By this, spontaneous meetings and collective walks become possible and the psychological barriers of a date will be reduced. Furthermore, users can be displayed by compatibility as well as distance. Via internal messaging they can also contact each other.

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