Twisper: Concept and realization of website and mobile app (iPhone)

Twisper Travel GmbH | 2013 | Twisper Travel GmbH


Each app for travel- or location- recommendations currently on the market, e.g. Yelp, Qype or more innovative solutions, such as Matchbook, Stamped or Everplaces, lack the actual central feature: relevant and personalized recommendations of locations instead of the lowest common denominator, which pleases the most people, or ostensible relevance caused by feigned Likes of your Facebook friends. As a visitor of a city one will currently be only directed to those public spots which best suits the individual preferences of each user. Frustrated by this status quo one of the most successful Swiss Entrepreneur entrusted us with a solution to this problem and the development of a website and sexy mobile app.

Our work

From concept to design to programming, we developed this innovative app to its full extend. Starting from this definition of the goal we created a concept for generating relevant and personalized location-recommendations based on the individual preferences of each user. We placed the Interest-Graph of each user at the heart of our conception instead of being the victim of common misconceptions, which try to generate relevant recommendations from Social-Graph or Facebook-Likes by the user’s friends. The app can be used as personalized location-diary, in which the user can add his current location to his favorites with one click – this allows the each user to generate his individual profile of preferences. By automatical synchronizations with other users, the app identifies those with similar preferences and generates recommendations based on their favorites.

We developed an algorithm for recommendations that includes the similarities of users as well as takes into consideration the tags associated to locations or  several other factors. In order to keep this process of adding favorites as simple as possible we integrated Facebook into the login-process to make suggestions for places to add, which the user has already logged in to on Facebook, right from the start. Using the integration of Google Places allows the user to add most of the available locations by just one click without having him having to enter all the data manually. Additionally, a user is able to follow his friends or interesting city-insiders so that he always stays up to date which locations they recently added to their favorites. Lists of upcoming travels can be created on the web interface and automatically synchronized between Web and Mobile as well as send to the mobile App – providing these tips even abroad without the necessity of an internet connection.


With Twisper we developed a mobile app that not only is unique in terms of its personalized location-recommendations based on the Interest-Graph but also enables to discover a new city from an insider’s point of view. The App can be used to record one’s own favorites and at the same time it can be utilized to discover new places that match the individual preferences of each user. Naturally, it allows the user to follow friends or insiders, thus, ensuring him to never again miss a new hotspot.

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