To improve the usability we use a range methods. The first insights are usually gained by an expert analysis, using heuristic analysis (identifying deviations from general rules and common habits) and Cognitive Walkthrough (executing typical user tasks). An expert analysis can, however, not substitute actual user research. User Centered Design principles are therefore an integral […]

Via Facebook or Twitter, Blogs or rating sites – everywhere users exchange their experience with a certain brand and call for attention. Being denied in this they quickly feel overlooked and are able to swiftly organize campaigns, which may cause the enterprises several millions. However, if they feel included and listened to, one can establish […]

First, we determine the analytics-system most suitable for the client’s demand and then customize it to the individual need. By using Clicksstream Analysis we evaluate the user behavior and are able to effectively control the achievement of conversion goals. Further, this enables us to optimize the website for the fixed indicators. The collected user-independent data […]

Conception of Social Media strategies Supplying the channels of distribution Syndication of content channels relevant to the target audience Editorial for community management Monitoring of Social Media and reputation

We create concepts and set up the campaigns for Google and Micosoft Content networks. We also run professional Affiliate Marketing via e.g. zanox, Commission Junction or TradDoubler. For this we do not only offer Consulting but also perform campaigns on the far reaching Social Media Channels, such as Facebook, Xing or LinkedIn, and utilize the […]

Analysis of the competition We analyze how your competition positions itself within the organic search results: which keywords do they optimize their web site for? Which positions do they reach in search queries relevant to their enterprise? Which external sites do they use to direct traffic towards their own? Which actions implemented by your competitors […]

Conception and realization of SEM-Campaigns (Google AdWords, Microsoft Advertising) The first step of this process is for us to always sit down with the client and define and operationalize the goals. To define the desired costs of each conversion data, like the size of an average shopping cart or the Customer-Lifetime-Value, are going to be […]

Project planning and execution with Agile Methodology By definition, complex products are difficult to plan. Especially agile methods, which rely on simple and customer-orientated processes, have proven successful over the years. For the realization of our projects, we focus on the iterative and incremental approach of the Scrum-Methodology. The transparency, adaptability and possibility for examination […]

Corporate Design and Logo Development Corporate Design is indispensable for a consistent and professional presentation on the web. It defines the visual appearance of a brand and, thus, affects the direct associations and opinions towards a product. The logo is the centerpiece of the Corporate Design: As the brand’s face it should reflect the company […]

We support our clients in refining the business concept on the backdrop of the latest technological developments transferring the business concept into a web- or app-concept optimizing ecommerce processes creating user scenarios defining user-flows and conversions creating detailed concepts and wireframes for frontend, backend and apps optimizing the marketing-accessibility