Digital Strategy

We are digital experts. Our clients are experts of their industry.
Together we achieve great things by delivering more than digital solutions.

Our Approach

Only by relentlessly focusing on the customer, can solutions not just solve an actual problem, but stand out from the competition by blowing the user away. To us, that’s the only sound strategy in today’s digital environment.

Technology provides ample opportunities for re-inventing entire industries from the ground up. As powerful as these technologies may be, they rarely provide a sustainable differentiation in the market on their own, as they are available to every company no matter what size. This is reflected by the accelerating disruption of traditional players across all industries.

We therefore support our clients in building the capabilities they need to move with the agility and speed required in the digital economy. This provides the only sustainable way to succeed and to create value long after we’ve left.

Unser Ansatz - Diagramm Business Strategy, Technology, Product Design


Analyzing our clients’ capabilities and the trends in the markets, technologies and user behaviors provides critical insights into untapped potential as well as into exposure to imminent threats. Our frameworks lend structure and transparency to this process.

  • Moderated Advanced Digital Maturity Assessment
  • Trend-, Industry- and Environment-Analysis
  • Digital Business Analytics
  • Customer-Journey-Analysis


The key factors for success from within the company and its environment in conjunction with the company’s goals establish the starting point for the development of a coherent and holistic digital strategy. This provides orientation for future decisions and enables our clients to validate and to prioritize ideas.

  • One Week Idea Validation
  • Idea Challenge
  • Business-Modelling
  • Service-Design and -Modelling
  • Digital Strategy
  • Content Strategy


Only by enabling our clients to operate with the agility and speed required in the digital environment, can they really succeed long after we’ve left. We help to establish the cultural traits that are central to the success of any digital player: experimentation, collaboration, data-driven execution with rapid iterations.

  • Data-driven/Lean UX
  • Agile Management
  • Fail fast forward
  • Digital Change Management


Beyond establishing the capabilities required in the digital economy in their organization, our clients also value our ability to accelerate the implementation of solutions following these principles. Our Digital Lab provides the teams that can scale our clients’ capacity on a project basis.

digital lab

Some of the clients we helped to craft their digital strategy:

Wichtige Information:

Wir bündeln unsere Kräfte und integrieren die Marke Creative Construction ab sofort komplett unter Capco. Ihr findet alle unsere bestehenden wie auch neuen Inhalte, z.B. unsere Trendpaper ab jetzt im neuen Look and Feel unter Zusätzlich beleuchten wir dort weitere interessante Themen und globale Trends für den Finanzsektor. Wir freuen uns auf Euren Besuch.

Important information:

We are joining forces and integrating the Creative Construction brand completely under Capco. You will find all our existing as well as new content, e.g. our trend papers, in the new look and feel at In addition, we will be highlighting other interesting topics and global trends for the financial sector there. We look forward to your visit.