Digital Lab

With our proven framework for digital innovation, we develop and implement our client’s solutions systematically. Rapid deployment of a prototype that can be tested with actual users is at the heart of this process. Principles we live by: question preconceived beliefs, start with the goals and make them measurable, take the transient nature of the rules of the game into account when developing ideas and strategies, implement efficiently and measure, optimize, repeat!

1 Discover

Developing a deep understanding of our client’s goals and challenges as well as those of the target audience addressed is the objective of our Discovery phase.

2 Define

By formulating testable hypotheses, we link the problems identified with potential first features of a working solution.

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3 Design

With the user at the center of all considerations, we develop exciting user experiences that are intuitive and fun to use.

4 Develop

We implement the product iterations with the outmost level of agility while preventing the build-up of technical debts.

5 Distribute

By tailoring the selection of channels, influencers and content to the target audience, we ensure the most relevant reach of the solution.

Some of the clients we developed digital solutions for:

Wichtige Information:

Wir bündeln unsere Kräfte und integrieren die Marke Creative Construction ab sofort komplett unter Capco. Ihr findet alle unsere bestehenden wie auch neuen Inhalte, z.B. unsere Trendpaper ab jetzt im neuen Look and Feel unter Zusätzlich beleuchten wir dort weitere interessante Themen und globale Trends für den Finanzsektor. Wir freuen uns auf Euren Besuch.

Important information:

We are joining forces and integrating the Creative Construction brand completely under Capco. You will find all our existing as well as new content, e.g. our trend papers, in the new look and feel at In addition, we will be highlighting other interesting topics and global trends for the financial sector there. We look forward to your visit.